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For nearly 30 years I have owned and shown horses.

Currently, my husband and I have 2 quarter horses, 3 cats, and a rottweiler.  Animals are a critical component of our lifestyle and happiness, so I made my passion for horses and animals part of my law practice.  The opportunity to give back to an industry I love is incredibly rewarding.


As a horse owner, you should feel comfortable that your attorney understands horses and the industry itself, in addition to the law.  My goal is to offer that confidence to my fellow horsemen in need of equine legal services, whether litigation or transactional work.   


I strive to help people, horses, and equine facilities in my local equine communities through long-term relationships, compassion, and affordable legal services.

Here Are Some of the Equine Legal Services I Offer:

  • LLC / PLLC Formation & Consultation

  • Contracts (Boarding, Training, Breeding, Leases, Sales, Independent Contractor Trainer and basic Employment Agreements, & more)

  • Liability Waivers

  • Possession/Ownership Disputes (i.e. animal custody disputes)

  • Purchase & Sale (Contracts and Fraud/Breach of Warranty)

  • Injury to Horse/Person

  • Premise Liability

  • Lien Rights, Collection

  • Litigation (i.e. Lawsuits involving a horse)

  • And More (let's discuss whether I can help)

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